Ohio Video-The Maxx2Racing Team Honors Our Sponsors and Special Contributors

Ohio Video-The Maxx2Racing Team Honors Our Sponsors and Special Contributors

The Video Presentation you are about to view was compiled after our 18 day adventure to the Inaugural ECTA Wilmington Ohio ECTA Mile event of April 27th-29th. Needless to say, our goals were accomplished, setting the AA/GCT record of 202.7, in spite of multiple delays on the reinstallation and dyno sessions of the upgraded motor, much rain over the 3 days at the event, and the tireless efforts of all. Most notably was Bob Lucas, our longtime friend, and Co-Driver/Sponsor on The Royal Purple Maxx2Racing ‘Bad Bird’ LSR Race Car, who kept his spirits up after long days, many that were well into the 16-18 hour range.

Yes, it was great to finally return home, and relax for a day or two, and then it was back to preparation of the car for the Inaugural Mojave Magnum events of June 1-3. Wilmington was just a ‘Tuneup’ for the car, with it running 224.9 at Mojave in early June, again, a ‘Tuneup’ for our “The Assault On The Salt”, set for September.

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*Video is approx. 8 minutes in length (Full View is awesome)-

..and then continue reading this tribute to each and every sponsor, individual, and racing organization that has brought the Maxx2Racing Team to this point of Land Speed Racing. You are our ‘Family’, more than you will ever know, and we say ‘Thanks’ a Million times over.

Now, you’ve watched a video presentation produced by Thom Bell, owner of Bell Production Services. What a special take on what a group can accomplish once their goals are set into motion. Thom is a professional in every way, and that shows in the video. Yes, we’ve uploaded videos to multiple media and social network sites previously, but nothing like this one. Thom will also produce a second video of the M2 Team, with footage provided by ourselves, and through the work of previous photographers. That won’t be easy, but Thom can do that.

For 2012, we added many new sponsors. Those include Dynamat (’99 Firebird Insulating Materials), Jet-Hot Performance Coatings, Ron Francis Wireworks (’99 Firebird wiring), Mahle/Clevite, Total Seal Piston Rings, and Comp Cams for the ‘Upgrade’ of the RP ‘Bad Bird’ motor, K&N (Fuel Filters/Crankcase Filters/A/F Ratio Monitor/Air Filters/Performance Air Filter/2005 Dodge Ram Support-Push Truck.

Now, we announce out newest full sponsor, Full Moon Wheels. We are honored to feature their new line of Custom Wheels on the ’99 Royal Purple Firebird, with one of their first sets of these newly designed Black with Red accents to add to the look of the car, something we call an ‘Gnarly Look’. The car is a combination of race car, pro street, and pro touring, with a leaning towards an effect of challenging to the norm. Click on the link to see these limited edition custom wheels, something we are honored to add to the car-https://fullmoonwheels.com/

The Maxx2Racing (M2) Team

The Royal Purple Maxx2Racing ‘Bad Bird’ LSR Race Car –and-

The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird LSR Race Car-Highway Hauler

2011 Royal Purple SEMA Show Feature Vehicle

2011 Point Imaging SEMA Show Product Demonstration Feature Vehicle

Mojave Magnum LSA/Nascar Bodied Car Records/224.9 MPH

LTA Loring, Maine C/GCT Record Holder/208.490 MPH

AA/GCT Maxton Mile, NC Record Holder/205.886 MPH

Wilmington Mile, AA/GCT Record/202.7

Mojave Mile Nascar Bodied Car Record/202.4 MPH

Mojave Mile Land Speed Auto 1st Place/April 2011

David Haas 200 Club Records set in the RP ‘Bad Bird’-Four (4)



https://maxx2racing.info/’99 Firebird website