Maxx Racing News March 14, 2014

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Hi guys and gals;

Applied Racing Technology (ARC), is sponsoring the immersion heaters on the RP ‘Bad Bird’, the heating blankets for the Canton Pre Oiling System on the ’99 Firebird, and a couple of small items.

The immersion heating elements on the ‘Bad Bird’ are a special length and wattage, so they had to make them special. Their main business, Cemco Enterprise Company/CEM Electric Co is ‘industrial applications’, and they are backlogged for weeks at this point.

That really delayed the next startup on the car, and the final tuning session on the car by Shawn (Natenstadt). Now, Shawn and his wife are moving to a newer home where he can build a larger shop for their 2 IMCA Modified dirt track cars, and he is swamped with work in heating/air/electrical at his employer’s business.

We still will be at the Goodguys Get Together in Pleasanton all day Saturday, March 29th, just won’t have the ‘Bad Bird’ in the car corral for sale section. Oh Well, another delay in this process???

Who’s going to the show on this email sent list??? Yes, we know out of area recipients won’t be there, but those within a few hundred miles?

With the car listed for sale on Facebook, LinkedIn, Northern Nevada Motorsports, and the Reno Fernley Raceway sites, we’ve had inquiries.

We ‘will’ list it on eBay, Twitter, YouTube, Racing Junk, PhotoBucket, StreetFire, Flickr, Tumblr, Classic Motorsports Magazine, Vimeo, HubGarage, Bonneville Racing News, RacingIn,,, Pinterest,, ECTA, LTA, Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA), The ‘Saltine News’,,, WideOpenGarage,, and other automotive racing sites as our sponsorship listings continue to expand. Some of these sites may or may not allow ‘for sale’ ads, but we’ll know that before the car is tuned up.

We’re seriously in the buying mode for a 20′-21’ Enclosed Car Hauler, and may include our current car hauler in the sale of the ‘Bad Bird’.If you run across any ‘Enclosed’ Car Haulers in your areas, please let us know. We’ve found some great prices out of the area, but the shipping to here is a Killer.

’99 Firebird Accel Performance/Mr. Gasket Fuel System is completed; Mallory Max-Fire Ignition is installed and timed, now doing the custom spark plug wiring. Rodney (Rear gear ‘guru’) is working on the Ford 9” gear assembly, as he has a full time job with the county, then we can install that and measure for the DynoTech Driveshaft.

Richard and Judy