Maxx Racing – March 10, 2014

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Exciting news from The Maxx2Racing Team and WorldNewsVine,

the future of Print Media

WorldNewsVine has doubled the Maxx2Racing Sponsors Corner on their site. Now, 2 sponsors of the team will have ‘feature’ ads running simultaneously, providing additional no-cost advertising to those companies on an accelerated basis.

If you have not yet submitted your ‘Feature’ ads as of this announcement, please do at your earliest time frame. You can go to the site to view those to date, gain some ideas into how you want your ad worded, and send in a draft copy for review. Be sure to include a logo for the ad.

For those already in the rotation, submit your ads, which can be similar in nature, with changes to peak the interest of prospective customers of your products.

We can tell you with the utmost confidence that those who are using The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car as their ‘build’ guide are and continue to purchase products from our sponsors. Isn’t that what this is all about??? We promote those sponsors products in our Media and Marketing Plans, and then, those sponsors see those results in increased sales.

How many of the 100 attendees who made it a point to spend hours of their time with us at the show will purchase products from our sponsors??? We’ll say ninety (90) percent, perhaps all of them, and that is with confidence. With their complete confidence in the sponsors products on their ‘builds’, they will tell their friends, coworkers, family members, and others about their great experiences with those products, producing an ongoing stream of purchases.

The WNV link is shown below, and then, type in maxx2racing in the upper right hand corner search box to see all of the ‘feature’ ads to date, plus the features of the team at events throughout the past few years.

Thanks again to Robert, Brenda, and Don for the professionalism shown to The Maxx2Racing Team. It is indeed an honor to work with these special media experts.

Richard and Judy