Maxx Racing – Feb 6, 2014

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Thurs, Feb. 6th

Posted the MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation to date on Facebook.

Won’t have the exhaust back from Jet Hot for a couple of weeks, so we’ll miss the Autorama show mid February. We are going to the show on Friday and Saturday, and hope many of you in the area will attend to see these special cars. On Saturday, they have an outdoor show with 500 cars displayed.

We’ve entered the Goodguys Get Together Show the last weekend of March in Pleasanton. We’re hoping to pull the car that Saturday morning from the building to test it in the Autocross event.

This was one tough installation with the Occupant Compartment Frame (OCF)* being the main obstacle. As noted, the car is highly modified: nothing off the shelf will work.
One can clearly see the difficulty making the tight bends from the headers to up and over the OCF, then the 2 sections running inside the trans/driveshaft tunnel, making it a tight fit to miss the driveshaft itself. An alternate idea(s) would be to fabricate a larger trans/driveshaft tunnel during the ‘build’, but again, this would involve time and fabrication expenses that are not originally part of the design to keep costs to a minimum. The ‘tight bends’ would be great if they were mandrel bends. These sections were welded by JBF Stainless, who will also polish the mufflers, and touch up the dual tips.

Future OCF designs should include access pockets to run exhaust through them, something one sees in the chassis known builders designs. This also made it impossible to install the ‘X’ near the headers; therefore, we installed it after the mufflers. We’ll know soon if this has a negative effect on the horsepower curve. If it does, we’ll remove the ‘X’, run a balance tube near the front of the car, and then run the exhaust over the rear axle. Additionally, later this year, we will change to a somewhat shorter version of headers, and will install the ball flange connector sets.

We’ve dismantled the exhaust, marking and wrapping everything, shipped it to Jet Hot for coating, and then reinstall everything once it’s back here at our shop.
We will point out to our followers from the SEMA Show it’s imperative that they use the ‘string method’ for exact measurements to keep the tips perfectly aligned at the rear. Otherwise, a guessing method won’t produce optimum results.


This car also includes ‘The Future’ of safety innovations that will be required in the next year or two. You see cars that are street driven with very expensive tube frames, which are great, but very, very expensive. We designed and built our car to include an Occupant Compartment Frame (OCF), which has met with great success. The main roll cage down bars (6 on this installation) are welded to the OCF, which is multiple times stronger than the current methods of welding them to plates that are welded to the sheet metal floors of Unibody cars. We have passed rigorous testing on the newest design. The current unibody cars use parts and pieces in an attempt to strengthen the bodies, but meet only minimum requirements, which will be phased out by all sanctioning bodies.

Check out the OCF-

Richard and Judy