Camera Installation

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The camera(s) installation is completed in the ’99 Firebird. That involved removing the passenger side panels in the car, and tucking the major lengths of extra wiring into the upper dash area. The wire connections are longer than the entire car for each camera.

Installed 8 LED interior lights, 2 in the front area of the headliner, 2 under the dash for map lights, and 4 in the trunk/hatch area for needed lighting if an emergency came about.

Every light on the car is now totally functional, as this was not completed for the SEMA Show.

The Dynotech Driveshaft is on its way, and the Strange Axles will be here in 2 weeks. By that time frame, the Full Containment Seats will be reinstalled, as we removed them to fabricate the back of the seat supports (Which are required), and the wiring and RideTech Shockwave Valve installation, which also involved removing the center console side panels to run the wiring from front to back of the car.

Rocket Racing Wheels has offered a 50 percent discount on a new set of awesome looking wheels, and waiting for Circle Racing Wheels on their proposal.

Made4UProducts has shipped the Red spark plug wire separators, and the Black line clamps. They will be the next Sponsorship Announcement to add to this morning/s ARC Sponsorship.

Have to install a required Electric Fuel Pump Safety Switch into the oil pressure line on the car, so more fittings. Then we reinstall the MagnaFlow exhaust system, which was Jet Hot coated in their polished Sterling 1300 degree color.

Ordered a new rear bumper for the car, as Tony feels the one on the car is not what it needs to be. He will paint it, and Marc will buff it out when he details the car.

We leave early Sat AM for CA, as Judy’s cousin’s memorial service is Sunday. She has lost her favorite Uncle, and 2 cousins to cancer in the past 2 years. That tells one to enjoy life here on God’s Earth to the fullest.

Richard and Judy