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Take note of the over the rear wheel wells. Thanks Maxx!

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OFFICIAL BRAGGING RIGHTS? Many of you know that Russ Wicks holds the ‘official’ record of just over 244+ for a Nascar Bodied Car at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Some current Nascar Bodied Cars are running near those speeds, but have met with various degrees of difficulty. We cannot tell you why, but at those speeds, one is facing great odds as to meeting what some refer to as “A brick wall”. Top Wick’s speed mark, and you have accomplished nothing.

Why? To be known as the ‘Record Holder’, you must have the correct officials on site, and that involves knowing the correct people as to accomplishing this feat. That official record will get one into The Guinness Book Of World Records, which Russ Wicks is. Can we say ‘Bucket List’ extraordinaire?

Those officials will go over your car with templates, check the engine size to be Nascar spec. legal, including a single 4 barrel carb. We believe you cannot have any type of ‘Engine Management Systems’, and we are not sure what tire sizes are or aren’t allowed.

Your best contact is Mike Cook, and if you do not have his contact info, we can provide that for you.

Still not sure you believe us on the ‘Bragging Rights’? Have you followed the dispute between the Hennessey Performance Venom GT, and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport? Hennessey claimed to hold that ‘officially’, until the official word came down that in fact the Bugatti still holds that record, which we believe is the production model record. ‘You’ will need that ‘official’ word to claim something that very few have or can do. Otherwise, your hard earned work and dollars will be for naught. If one knows Hennessey, they will have that record, and soon.

You will gain valuable insight into the ‘Bad Bird by going to our main website-

As you view the site, take the time to absorb this special car, and what it represents. This is a Stavola Brothers built race car, with their Superspeedway package being something quite different from the others in that time span from 1994-1997. These were special built for very high speeds, rumored to be approaching 250 and above on straightaways at the high speed race tracks, mainly Talladega. The car ran as the Circuit City Nascar entry will various drivers.

The ‘aero’ built into these bodies provided stability at those high speeds, and we can attest to that. David (Haas) has repeatedly stated that he could take his hands off the wheel over 200 MPH, with the car being very stable on his 224.9 run at the June 2012 Mojave Magnum event. No, he never did this, just a metaphor.

Why was the Bad Bird chosen by David to run for those 200 Club records? He watched in the early 2000’s as we put the last touches on the ’69 El Camino, which was finished using Jim Price’s (‘JP’) 4 post lift at the YOW (Yard Of Wonders) in Las Vegas. Nothing was overlooked on that build as to ‘Safety’, ‘Quality’, or ‘Looks’, and built to specs. that far exceeded those required. The Elky won many awards at car shows, and attracted sponsors that we didn’t even know at the time. It finally ran 175 in multiple testing sessions here in Northern Nevada.

Once the Bad Bird was built, it was tested before setting its first records at the Maxton, NC ECTA Mile. David then became the ‘primary’ driver of the car, running against records that were in the low 200’s, continually stating that he didn’t need to push the motor to exceed those records. Seven records later, Four new 200 LSR Clubs for him, which was at the Mojave Magnum event in June of 2012, he took the car to the next level, again clearly stating there was much more in the motor, and that was before this latest upgrade on it.

You will note that his only complaint was that the windshield in the car was never properly cared for, and needed replaced, plus he felt a rear view mirror would assist in see the parachute as it deployed.

Safety was never compromised, with the addition of the latest 6 Point Harness Systems, Full Containment Seat, Chute updated, Fire Bottles always within SFI specs and dates, tires updated as needed. When David made the decision to run at the Inaugural Wilmington Ohio ECTA Mile last year, we contacted Joe Timney, owner of Deleware Chassis Works, and one of the ECTA promoters for advice on tires. Joe highly recommended Mickey Thompson tires for the rear, with specs. sent to us, and those were purchased and installed. On the fronts, the car was running the Goodyear Eagle ‘skinnies’, which had been on the car for over a year at that time.

We truly believe the Bad Bird would break the mark set earlier this year by a Nascar Bodied Car at the Texas Mile if configured properly, which would include a different gear ratio, tires, and tuning just for that event. That car ran 248, had 1,900+/-HP, multiple engine management/shifting systems, with the motor being built at the cost of unknown amounts. The Bad Bird is naturally aspirated and not one engine management system in the car. It’s just that special a car.

PRICE. We’ve discussed this with the team members, and they feel $55,000 seems to be ‘the’ number. We feel the price that it will sell at is $45,000 cash offer, $50,000 with a trade in.

We’ll update all as time progresses, noting that we will park the car if the price doesn’t match those figures, and set a ‘new’ goal of achieving the funding for next year at Bonneville.

SIDE NOTE: We can officially announce that The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car is the Covercraft ‘feature’ Vehicle at this year’s SEMA Show in early November. The car is stunning in its Dupont ‘Brilliant Black’ color, with kudos to Tony Taylor for making it shine. Get out your sunglasses!!!

Richard (aka MAXX) and Judy White

The Maxx2Racing (M2) Team

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Lovelock, Nevada 89419

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The Royal Purple Maxx2Racing ‘Bad Bird’ LSR Race Car

The Royal Purple ’99 Firebird Pro Touring-LSR Car

2011 Royal Purple SEMA Show Feature Vehicle

2011 Point Imaging SEMA Show Product Demonstration Feature Vehicle

First In Class/Bonneville Salt Flats-Land Speed Racing 2013 Palo Alto Concours

First Place/Competition Class/2013 Northern Nevada Street Fever Car Show

‘Feature Car’, Capital Classics/Summit Racing car show, June 2013

Mojave Magnum LSA/Nascar Bodied Car Records/224.9 MPH

LTA Loring, Maine C/GCT Record Holder/208.490 MPH

AA/GCT Maxton Mile, NC Record Holder/205.886 MPH

Wilmington Mile, AA/GCT Record/202.7

Mojave Mile Nascar Bodied Car Record/202.4 MPH

Mojave Mile Land Speed Auto 1st Place/April 2011

Mojave Ford GT Event/Nascar Bodied Record 206.7

David Haas 200 Club Records set in the RP ‘Bad Bird’-Four (4)

Three (3) MKM Mojave 200 MPH LSR Club Maxx2Racing Team Members’99 Firebird website







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