American Big Block By Cal Products

Blast From The Past

The Future That Never Was! In 1977 The Bob George conceived, Jammer Streamliner, sponsored by EasyRiders was in BIG TROUBLE! We were breaking the stock 1 inch flywheel shaft at the sprocket spline. A bigger shaft would require bigger bearings and there was no room in the engine case for bigger bearings. The engine case has a steel sleeve cast into the aluminum case to support the bearing. I machined up larger sleeves and took them to Larry owner of Cal Products to see if he would cast the larger sleeves into his engine cases. Larry is very sharp, and said he could, but it would fail for a lot of reasons. Like I said in 1977, we were in big trouble. Larry in just two minutes said he could fix the problem. Larry would make two all steel L/S engine cases that would be bullet proof! And 322 mph Bonneville Fastest M/C for 16 years demonstrated that the cases were indeed Bullet Proof!