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Dino Romano was born in Mendoza (Argentina) by Italian father and Argentine mother.

As a child he had a deep admiration for his father Nello Francesco, considered a real hero by his son. They traveled together on Nello’s motorcycle, a Matchless 500cc, through the endless and dusty roads  of the vineyards of Mendoza, the “Argentine Chianti”. On the saddle, behind his hero, Dino inherits all the passion for engines and the love for the adventure trips, that will bring him as teenager to the


Maremma hills where MOTODALCUORE, his workshop, was born.

In the late 1960s during the war in Argentina, his father decides to return to Italy and open a car dealership. The whole family moves to Milan. A few years

later, Dino starts working in the dealership’s workshop turning his passion for engines in a job.

In 1978 Dino meets Carlo Talamo, thanks to which he will open in Grosseto, in his new adopted land, one of the first Triumph dealerships and workshops in Italy. From the Pampa Argentina to the land of Maremma and the childhood dreams of a life between engines and nature become true.

His passion for engines combined with creativity led him to create customized motorcycle models recognized as unique masterpieces of art.

Since always in the world of engines, from dragster to short tracks competitions, from Thruxton Cup to the Sultans of Sprint, in thirty years of business Dino has gained important experience in the field of processing on brands such as Harley Davidson and Triumph becoming a true legend in his field. His talent has allowed him to make numerous motorcycles with a unique character, which have received
prestigious awards and praises from the international press.


In the October 2017 press conference at the Dainese Store in Rome and later, in March 2018 with Andrea Rock at the Eternal City Custom Show in Rome, we listed the motivations of the project: Believing in your dreams, Committing to achieve them,Get excited in living them.

In the week from 11 to 17 August 2018, during the Bonneville Speed Week, we will try to break the speed record on the Salt Lake, in the Ω-1000GPL category, as per the SCTA (Southern Calif.Timing Association) regulation, for the first time with a motorcycle powered by natural gas.

We will participate with an entirely faired motorcycle, a type defined as “Partial Streamlining”, powered by LPG, with a displacement not exceeding 1000 cc. Although there is no reference to the famous pilot Burt Munro, who set a still unbeaten record in 1967 with his Indian(a story told in the film “Indian – The Great Challenge”, with Antony Hopkins as main character), our adventure takes on special connotation because of the respective similar categories. The project contains in itself a strong dose of emotions and a pinch of madness.

To achieve the result, we are building a special motorcycle, with a chromemolybdenum steel frame, driven by a 1000cc 4-cylinder engine, powered by an electronic injection of 8 injectors, energized from the GPL. The overall length of the vehicle will be about 3.40 meters. It will have two alloy wheels and an upside-down fork. Federico Rizzo of the Metalbike Garage team will take care of the design of the fairing, which will be composed of three parts that can be dismantled, entirely made of carbon / kevlar. The high performance exhausts, will be by the master Walter Amista of Zard Exhausts while the engine part will be curated by Alfredo Meloni. During the construction of the motorcycle, we will take advantage of the support of other qualified partners.


BonnevilleRacing.com,BonnevilleRacing.com,Two icons of the famous Bonneville Speed Week: the first image portrays the Rollie Free rider driving a Vincent Black Lightning, with which on September 13th 1948 he surpassed 240 km/h wearing only a swimsuit and a cap during the ride, to limit the friction of air. In the second image, the actor Antony Hopkins in the role of the pilot Burt Munro in the movie “World’s Fastest Indian – The Great Challenge”.


It is in our nature to take our undertaken projects seriously, entirely devoting ourselves to achieving success. Our goal is TO BREAK A RECORD, but we are also offering to our partners ample spaces for commercial or corporate image initiatives, linked both to the event and to the particular landscape in which it takes place, whose fame is worldwide. Times change, but the spirit remains the same.

Bonneville is a magical place, one of a kind: the Temple of Speed, the place where everything is possible. During these months, with our media partners, we will try to convey these feelings to the vast public of social and print media, telling about the motorcycles construction phases and the psychological preparation of the pilots.


The project is entirely Italian and has collected many favorable opinions. The creation of a record-breaking vehicle is a source of pride and honor as an Italian bearer. There are numerous collaborations in progress, including: Pakelo Lubricants, LS2 Helmets, Zard Exhaust , MBE Motor Bike Expo Verona, Virgin Radio, Metalbike Garage, Carbon Dream, DR Motodalcuore, U-BOAT Italo Fontana, Phoenix Racing, Sturgis Buffalo Chip (USA), Porca Vacca – SmartFood.

Dinao Romano Racing



For the first time, an Italian team with the first natural gas motorcycle will attempt a world speed record on American soil.


The motorbike we will take on the Salt Lake of Bonneville follows the previous “Ode to Life”, built in 2017. It is called “Open Eyes Dream”(Daydream). Designed and built to the extreme specifications of a record-breaking vehicle, to realize the ancestral desire of every man: the speed.



In addition to media coverage both online and offline (radio, social, magazines and events) enjoyed by the Bonneville Speed Week, being sponsor of the Salt Lake Record 2018 project means being able to affix its brand on the motorcycle fairing, on the support vehicles and on the overalls and helmets of the pilots, according to modalities that we can illustrate you personally in detail.

You can associate your company’s brand with this fantastic adventure as:



Dino Romano

Pilot: Dino Romano

Dino Romano 59 yrs old, italianargentine, Dragster, short track, Thruxton Cup, Sultans of Sprint.
His complete biography is in section: WHO I AM.

Rosaria Fiorentino

Pilot: Rosaria Fiorentino

Rosaria Fiorentino Never ask the age of an italian lady! Born in Cassino, since she was a child she was attracted to motorcycles and at the age of 6 she had a first ride around the block seated on a saddle of a Suzuki 750. At 14 she “steals” the motorcycle of her brother and from that day she will not come down easily. Shortly thereafter she moved to Rome, where she still lives and works as an interior decorator, wandering between work sites in the saddle of her Triumph. Active member of Club 59, and is a permanent presence at the most important European events and gatherings. She participated in the broadcast of Sky “Lord of the Bikes” along with Dino Romano and, driven by her, in 2014 she began to race in the acceleration races of the Sprint Race Championship. She is the organizer of the DGR Rome (Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride) and of the Babes Great Escape events.

Domenico Fasanella

Pilot: Domenico Fasanella

Domenico Fasanella 39 yrs old, pilot, trainer and manager. Domenico breathes motorcycling and has racing in blood! He’s been an Italian Champion in the 600 Superstock category in 2009 and the European Champion in the 600 Supersport category in 2013. Today he is Team Manager of the Phoenix Racing Team, active in the Superstock 1000 European Championship and CIV Superbike.


  • Alessandro Fiorentino / Project Support
  • Brigitte Kolibab / USA Coordinator
  • Federico Rizzo / Arch. Design
  • Francesco Maiolo / Support Design
  • Simone Lecca / Support Design
  • Giuseppe Rizzo / Support Design
  • Alfredo Meloni / Engine Specialist
  • Alessio Biagiotti / LPG Specialist
  • Fabrizio Rossi / Composite Specialist
  • Niccolò Romano / Painter
  • Vidal Padilla / American Hook
  • Eleonora Tiezzi / Red Specialist
  • Virgilio D’Ercole / Video – Web
  • Lorenzo Dossena / Air Brusher
  • Rino Scala / Logistic
  • Francesco Bellesi / Graphic Design
  • Patricio Estay / Director – Photographer


To learn more about the 2018 SALT LAKE RECORD project, to take part of this adventure and become a partner of the team that will try to break the speed record at the Bonneville Speed Week, you can contact us directly:
3286858051 /Dino – 3394799755 /Rosaria



Patricio Estay

Open Eyes Dream will also be the inspiration for a real movie directed by Patricio Estay.
Patricio Estay is a French photographer, director and composer of Chilean origin.
After graduating in ethnomusicology, he approached the world of photojournalism, dedicating himself to documenting the political-social aspect of the conflicting societies. At the age of 20 he moved to Brazil, where he will live for eight years. During this period he made various social reportages and documentaries. From the beginning, photography reveals itself as a powerful ally in its path to be author. During this period, his career as a photographer and musician is enriched by an environment full of motivations. The workshops with great masters such as Ravi Shankar, MikisTheodorakis and Alvin Jones leave an indelible mark on his young life as a composer. The dimension of the testimony of Estay, the strength of its content, the richness and variety of his gaze become primary elements of a profound personal reflection that has always nourished his career.



  • In 1981 he moved to Paris, where his career continued with great satisfaction and important professional recognition. • In 1982, the first exhibition in Paris (Collective) “Latin America in Paris” at the Grand Palais.
  • In 1985 the French Ministry of Culture financed the production of the documentary “Les Corralejas”, of which he is the author and screenwriter, with the film production company Film D’Ici and the INA  Institut National de l’Audiovisuel).
  • In 1990 he began a complex ten-year work that will take him to travel the world to document and film the equestrian peoples of eleven different countries that will end in 2001 with the publication of the book Les Peuples Cavaliers, publicher Le Chene, and in 2012 Cavaliers du Monde, publicher edition De Lamartiniere. Part of this work was exhibited in 1993 at the International Festival of Photojournalism, in Perpignan, and in 2008 in Siena, in Piazza del Campo, recording a very high number of visitors (57,000).
  • In 1997 he started “Tibet Land Of Exile”, one of the most important projects of his career. He will work for eleven years alongside the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community in Tibet and in exile in Dharamsala.
  • Tibet Land Of Exile is also the title of the photographic volume containing the preface of the Dalai Lama, and text by Robert Thurman (2007 Skira, 2008 – Italy and Thames & Hudson in USA) and the traveling exhibition presented, to date, in most prestigious exhibition spaces in Italy. Forte di Belvedere (Florence), Palazzo Litta (Milan), Palazzo Incontro (Rome) and Palazzo Ducale (Massa and Carrara).
  • Since 2003, Estay has lived between Paris and Florence, where he founded the multimedia agency Nazca Vision, a dynamic HD film
    production unit, to develop the documentary and publicity sector, continuing to collaborate with the most important international

Today more than ever, Estay believes in the extraordinary expression of freedom, passion and life seen through the essence of creativity and