Motorcycle Classifications

Motorcycles Set Land Speed Records On The Salt Flats In Bonneville

Motorcyclists that race on the salt are not content to travel to Daytona for Bike Week to sit around and watch the bikes go by, land speed records and running flat out on the salt gets their adrenaline running. They spend their time and resources in perfecting their racing motorcycle to break the current land speed record for the category and classification they are running in. Engines size doesn’t keep them down either as there are classes for racing motorcycles on the Bonneville Salt Flats ranging from 50cc all the way up to 3000cc. More information on the various motorcycle classifications for running on the Salt Flats is available further on in this page should help you in determining what class you want to build your motorcycle to race in.

Motorcycle riders such as Burt Munro and his Indian motorcycle have been bringing their own form of engineering to the Salt Flats for decades and will continue to do so as long as the salt is fit to race on. Motorcycle racing isn’t limited to one particular brand name or manufacturer either, Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Suzuki®, BMW®, Kawasaki®, are but a few of the more popular name brands that you will encounter on the Bonneville race course. An then you have those racing the salt who have built their own chassis and power train to make their racing motorcycles a one of a kind racing machine. Racing the bikes on the salt demands a great deal of control from the rider due to the surface of the race course itself, salt can become unbelievably slippery and cause a loss of traction at the high speeds.

Motorcycle racing isn’t just limited to the custom and highly modified production models that you encounter on the Bonneville Salt Flats either, they also have motorcycle powered streamliners. One such team is the GoldWing Racing Project designed an built by record holder Keny Lyon, you can see more on the GodlWingRacing project by visiting their website located at Racing motorcycle powered streamliners is definitely the ultimate in racing the 2 wheeled racing vehicles to new land speed records. There are great deal of teams running motorcycle powered streamliners and you can gain more information about them by reading the various motorcycle classifications as listed further on in this web page.

Should you travel to Bonneville for Speed Week you see a variety of motorcycles in varying configurations from single-wheeled up to the multi-engines motorcycle powered streamliners and lakesters.

For a quick run-down of the various classifications refer to the following:



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