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We get emails from around the world about Bonneville concerning the track, the racers, the vehicles (not all are cars!). Many of these emails are historical in context and are hard to find information for so we have decided to post them online to see if any of our visitors can help out. Please contact these folks direct as the original emails are deleted once we post them here.

Hello there

I was wondering if you could help me. I’m trying to find your record for a 50cc bike, but am struggling to classify the results by engine.

Could you possibly point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much for your time


Hello Simon,

All the motorcycle records are on one page:

The 50CC is the very first class. To keep the pages small only 25 records are shown at a time (over 1000 records!). To see more entries there is a spot to the left that states: Show [pull-down] entries, change the number to 50 and you will see all the 50CC records.

Thanks for the email,


Stop Mining The Salt Flats 08.05.2017:

Looks like the BLM will be cracking down on racers and spectators at Speedweek. Let’s not give them any excuses to shut us down. Be good boys and girls!

Bonneville Salt Flats
Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA)
Special Recreation Permit Stipulations
The permittee shall provide a copy of the stipulations to each spectator, participant, employee and
volunteer present for the permitted event.
1 No person shall discharge firearms, fireworks or other dangerous weapons.
2 No person shall camp or overnight. Bonneville SRMA is a day-use only area.
3 No person shall operate and/or land a fixed wing aircraft within the SRMA.
4 No person shall possess any glass containers outside of enclosed vehicles, camp trailers
or tents.
5 No person shall ignite a fire or any accelerant including, but not limited to potentially
hazardous materials, gasoline, oil, plastic, or magnesium.
6 No person shall operate a motor vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit within the
SRMA. Where there is no posted speed limit the speed limit is 45.
7 No person shall operate a motor vehicle in excess of 15 M.P.H within 50 feet of people,
animals, or vehicles.
8 No person shall operate or use any noise producing device, or motorized equipment
between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. in a manner that makes unreasonable noise that
disturbs other visitors.
9 No person shall bring an animal (unless it is a working animal) into the area unless the
animal is on a leash not longer than 6 feet and secured to a fixed object or under control
of a person, or is otherwise physically restricted at all times.
10 No person shall:
a.) Purchase, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages while under the age of21.
b.) Under the age of21 misrepresent their age for the purposes of purchasing alcoholic
c.) Consume an alcoholic beverage while operating a motor vehicle, as a passenger in or
on a motor vehicle, whether the vehicle is moving, stopped, or parked within the
d.) Keep, carry, possess, transport, or allow another to keep, carry, possess or transport in
the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, when the vehicle is within the SRMA,
any container which contains an alcoholic beverage that the seal has been broken, or
the contents of the container has been partially consumed.
11 No person shall, allow another person to, violate the State of Utah’s Off Highway
Vehicle (OHV) statutes, to include, but not limited to:
a.) Operating an OHV without a current UT OHV registration, temporary UT OHV
registration or reciprocal state registration for out of state vehicles.
b.) Operate an OHV without wearing a safety helmet while under the age of 18.
c.) Operate an OHV under the age of 16, or without a valid driver’s license from the
state that person currently resides, without direct supervision of an adult (of 18 years
of age or older). Direct supervision includes being within 300 feet of the person
operating the OHV and being able to maintain visual and audio contact with the

From Facebook 08.05.2017:

******************** ATTENTION RACERS *******************(Revised)


On page 73, the rule for the C/AIR class ( 5.B.2.a ) needs clarification.
There has been discussion within the SCTA and the rule has been reworded to the version below.


The typo will be addressed and will read correctly in the 2018 rule book.


From: Jim McDonald
Hi My question is, (and who should I be asking this question to)… I have a early 60’s Kellison that I’m thinking of converting for the salt… Kellisons have competed there in the past… what class would it fit into under today’s rules? thx, Jim

I’ve been getting to know Bob Knapp recently. He was part of the Bob Herda Streamliner 999 team in the 60’s. I remember seeing a film from Bonneville back in the late 60’s in school that featured the Herda streamliner 999. Is there any place where I might be able to find this film, or one like it? Thanks.

I would like to build a Bonneville car/truck. I have read the catagory specifications and cannot figure out if there is a class for 1935/1936 ford trucks. If so, what would it be. Thank you, Matt Teeple

Hi, I’m investigating an Iso Rivolta who has ran the flats in 1980 or 1981, is there any way I can find some documentation about that? Thank you, Maurice (

Hi I’m interested in putting together a speed record attempt in one of the middle weight motorcycle classes. I’m having difficulty understanding the classification system. Is there a really easy to understand document that explains each classification? Best John (

Having a hard time find records for a “Forrest Shropshire” I come to know and love the man in his later year and know he was a old school racer. The stories of the damn ole milk wagon and the fastest 56 stock Corvette are apart of my racing and hot rod values. “run what you brought and hope you brought enough” For the life of me I can’t remember the year are final speed of his run. 1956 stock Corvette class in late 70’s I think. Can you help me out? I’d like to know all records that he has held if anyway possible. Thank you, Tim. (

Greetings, I am doing some research trying to find the record for the longest duration of single driver in an automobile. I came across Ab Jenkins performing the 48 hours land speed record back in 1940 I believe. Do you have any further information on that and what the rules were at the time? Did he have to stop and get fuel? Was there a time limit on breaks? If you have any information or archive that would be able to help me out I would appreciate it. If you know of another single drive that fits the record I would be interested as well. Thanks in advance, Andrew Kelly (