Electric Vehicles Run On the Bonneville Salt Flats

Battery powered vehicles on the Salt Flats for the first time during the USFRA World of Speed- Land Speed Racing event. The Electrathon Vehicles will be running and setting a new precedence for battery powered vehicles. In case you’re wondering what in the world a “Electrathon Vehicle” is exactly you will be interested in knowing more about these exciting vehicles.

An “Electrathon Vehicle” is basically a hand built, one-of-a-kind vehicle designed is such a way as to power the vehicle to run as far as possible using a limited amount of electrical energy. The majority of vehicles running on the Salt Flats depend on going the fastest they can go without being overly concerned about how much fuel they use. The Electrathon Vehicles concentrate more on going farther than faster. They go as far as possible while using as little electrical energy which would be comparable to going a longer distance while using less fuel.

Running cars on batteries isn’t an attempt to become ‘green’ racers, but is an effort to prove the engineering talents of the various racing teams that employ the use of electrathon vehicles to set land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats during World of Speed. Try to imagine the technology that goes into to building a battery-powered capable of running in excess of 310 miles per hour. The current land speed record for electric vehicles is held by the “Buckeye Bullet” streamliner out of Ohio with a speed of 314.958 and this record has been standing since 2004.

The Electrathon Vehicles are not exempt to the USFRA rules, and there is a separate set of rules that apply just to this class of Salt Flats racer. Along with the vehicle safety requirements you will find that the USFRA also pays particular attention to the driver’s safety as well.

The use of the Salt Flats will allow the Electrathon Vehicle teams an opportunity to open them up to see just how fast their battery powered vehicles will actually run.