Bonneville Racing Library

Bonneville Racing Library

What is the Bonneville Racing Library and why do I need to read it? People who have never been involved with pursuing a land speed record have no idea of what the effort involves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 175cc motorcycle or a full-blown streamliner, there’s more going on than what you see during Speed Week. There are some resources online in the form of DVDs that show the efforts as they take place. One of the most famous is The World’s Fastest Indian, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro. There are some others out there that are fascinating to watch as the teams work and contribute to the point of racing at Bonneville: a new world speed record in your class. As for teams. some people (spectators of course) think the pilot is the ‘team’ but no one races on Bonneville without a team. No one. So listed below are some movies that we have watched and think you will enjoy as much as I did.



And a few YouTube(tm) videos to finish off the page:

Bonneville World of Speed 2017


Thrust SSC – still the only car to travel faster than the speed of sound

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